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We can help you communicate with those who matter most to your organisation in an instant

A versatile solution for all your communication needs.

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Integrate with our management system to enable advanced workflow functionality. Engage with volunteers and staffs with updates, alerts and confirmations.

Send emergency information, time critical updates, and staff rostering SMS alerts when urgent communications are needed.

We adhere

User Experience, redefined.

Integrated with "Spark", a wildfire simulation toolkit for fire prediction and anlysis by Data61 and CSIRO.

Our Team

5 GovHack participants

David is a bioinformatician with the Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre. He does full stack engineering and loves hackathons.

David Ma

UX & UI Designer at Symplicit. Passionated about crafting the best possible experience that meaningfully impact the lives of others.

Renee Fok

Computer Science minor in second year of university. Majors in Chemistry. Enthusiastic about cosmetic formulation.

Grace Tang

Amy is a passionate hacker and new mother of 2! Amy is exhausted most days and not available for daycare. Amy is a hodgepodge mix of hackathon human. CyberSecurity. Google Dorking. Script Kiddy.

Amy Darbyshire

"Brian is a comptuer science student from Malaysia"

Brian Ooi